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Immersion cooling: The Key to Solving EV Range Anxiety

In a recent interview with Government Europa, M&I Materials’ CEO Giles Salt introduced MIVOLT…

Site Visitor 20th August 2019

Lagging EV Sales in UK Compared to the Rest of Europe

Electric vehicles are the taking the world by storm. In the UK, it is…

Site Visitor 19th August 2019

Things are Hotting up When it Comes to EV Battery Cooling

As more and more drivers are making the switch from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)…

Site Visitor 12th August 2019

Leaving Range Anxiety Behind: The EV Project Powering Next Generation Battery Systems

Led by M&I Materials, the i-CoBat project is part of the government’s Faraday Battery...

Site Visitor 30th July 2019

M&I Materials Launches New Range of Dielectric Liquids for Immersion Cooling of EV Batteries and Charging Points

MIVOLT is a new range of biodegradable dielectric fluids developed by M&I Materials to provide...

7loviM 25th June 2019