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Webinar Recording: Designing an Immersion-Cooled Battery Pack for an Electric Superbike

Warwick Moto and MIVOLT recently hosted ‘A New Frontier’, a joint webinar that took...

7loviM 21st July 2022

MIVOLT Webinar: A New Frontier | Designing an Immersion-Cooled Battery Pack for an Electric Superbike

Warwick Moto and MIVOLT would like to invite you to ‘A New Frontier’, a...

7loviM 28th June 2022

MIVOLT Supports Project ZEN (Zero Emission Norton) with Dielectric Liquids for Immersion Cooled Drivetrain

(Manchester, June 2022) Immersion cooling liquids brand MIVOLT has been selected to support Norton…

7loviM 17th June 2022

A new Frontier for electric motorcycles

Warwick Moto has developed a first in the electric automotive market, by building an…

Martin Boffey 1st February 2022

Project i-CoBat wins The Engineer’s Collaborate to Innovate Automotive Award

The project, led by M&I Materials, is a consortium involving battery systems developer Ricardo and Warwick Manufacturing Group, part of Warwick University which works to commercially and technically validate new technologies for industry.

Matthew Connaughton 2nd February 2021

Innovate UK’s new electric urban air propulsion project to develop immersion cooled technology with MIVOLT fluids

(Manchester, January 2021) Immersion Cooling fluids brand MIVOLT has been specified on a new…

Matthew Connaughton 28th January 2021

Going Further: Submerged EV Battery Cooling Unveiled

Faraday Future and MIVOLT are proud to announce ‘Going Further’; a live, joint webcast taking an in-depth look at EV battery technology using submerged cooling.

This 45-minute technology briefing will explain the benefits of the FF submerged cooling system using MIVOLT fluids as a dielectric coolant. Our experts will also be on hand to field your questions about this innovative technology.

Matthew Connaughton 4th November 2020

MIVOLT Webinar: Switch on, Cool off - Increase your Hash Rate

When it comes to Blockchain Mining, the competition is heating up. Miners across the…

Site Visitor 18th June 2020

MIVOLT partners with Green Valley Power (Liquid Lab, USA)

MIVOLT partners with Green Valley Power (Liquid Lab, USA) to deliver Liquid Immersion Cooling…

Site Visitor 18th May 2020

Taking the heat out of data centres

In response to rising data centre usage and power demand, MIVOLT has launched two…

Site Visitor 15th May 2020

Charging ahead

In the immediate aftermath of the government’s announcement that its ban on new petrol,…

Site Visitor 9th March 2020

Keeping EV batteries happy: A liquid solution

By 2040 the World Economic Forum expects the number of cars on the road…

Site Visitor 22nd October 2019

M&I Materials Technical Director, Dr Amanda Quadling makes Financial Times ‘Top 10’ Women in Engineering

The Financial Times has named M&I Materials technical Director, Dr Amanda Quadling, as one…

Site Visitor 20th October 2019

Easing gridlocks with off-grid charging

The UK has made ambitious targets to tackle air pollution, aiming for decarbonisation of…

Site Visitor 1st October 2019

Driving the EV industry forward despite initial road blocks  

The electric vehicle (EV) industry has faced some early growing pains. Further expansion of…

Site Visitor 16th September 2019

Safety first: Mitigating the risks of EV charging

Home charging is the most widely used form of charging for EV owners right…

Site Visitor 9th September 2019

Electric vehicles: The charging challenge

Charging points hold the key to solving range anxiety. A problem presents itself for…

Site Visitor 2nd September 2019

Could immersion cooling be the key to superfast charging and reduced range anxiety?

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is well underway. In the UK and around Europe,…

Site Visitor 28th August 2019

Overcoming the road blocks of range anxiety

Three in four drivers agree that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of driving,…

Site Visitor 27th August 2019

Immersion cooling: The key to solving EV range anxiety

In a recent interview with Government Europa, M&I Materials’ CEO Giles Salt introduced MIVOLT…

Site Visitor 20th August 2019

Lagging EV Sales in UK Compared to the Rest of Europe

Electric vehicles are the taking the world by storm. In the UK, it is…

Site Visitor 19th August 2019

Things are hotting up when it comes to EV battery cooling

As more and more drivers are making the switch from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)…

Site Visitor 12th August 2019

Leaving range anxiety behind: The EV project powering next generation battery systems

Led by M&I Materials, the i-CoBat project is part of the government’s Faraday Battery...

Site Visitor 30th July 2019

M&I Materials launches new range of dielectric liquids for immersion cooling of EV batteries and charging stations

MIVOLT is a new range of biodegradable dielectric fluids developed by M&I Materials to provide...

7loviM 25th June 2019