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EV Charge Points

Charging infrastructure must keep up to speed with EV battery development.

As battery systems continue to rapidly evolve, EV sales will continue to increase year on year. Therefore, charge point OEMs need to ensure their solutions deliver the ultimate in convenience. According to the National Grid, once there are 20 million EVs on the road, there will be at least 8.6 million vehicles without the necessary facilities to charge from home.

Availability of charge points is just one part of the convenience conundrum – charge time is the other. Recharging an EV battery to 100% capacity via conventional charging can take up to 8 hours. Even a marginal amount of charge can take between 1 and 2 hours. As battery systems are optimised for higher currents, charge point OEMs must ensure that their solutions cater for faster charging – alleviating range anxiety.

MIVOLT fluids can facilitate high power transfers safer and faster – enabling the next generation of charging.