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EV Battery Systems

Thermal management of battery systems is key to unlocking the current issues surrounding the EV industry.

It is estimated that there will be 21 million EVs on the road globally by 2030. In order for the transition to EVs to be as smooth as possible in-line with customer expectations, a number of concerns need to be addressed by EV and battery OEMs, namely:

1. Range anxiety – the number of miles covered by a single charge must be as high as possible.

2. Performance – EVs need to perform as well as their ICE counterparts. Charge times must also be reduced.

Battery system performance can be maximised when cells are immersed in MIVOLT – a range of liquids for the immersive cooling of battery cells. Liquid cooling with MIVOLT will:

  • Maximise power capacity

  • Increase vehicle range

  • Make faster charging possible

  • Increase battery life

The unique chemistry of MIVOLT fluids allows them to act as a dielectric coolant, removing heat directly from all areas of a battery cell surface for ultimate battery performance.