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Blockchain Mining

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ASIC miner power has increased 40 times in the last 7 years – from 80 Watts in 2013 to more than 3,200 Watts in 2020. This keeps rising every year and as power increases – so does heat. Miners need to become more powerful if they are to ensure that the number of hashes per second successfully produce a valid block and a profitable return. As a result, ASIC miner hash rates have gone up 500 times from 0.2 TH/sec in 2013 to more than 100 TH/s in 2020.

However, even these high hash rates are not enough to guarantee success, and so miners must ‘overclock’ their machines to remain profitable in this ever-competitive mining race. Increasing both power and hash rate are expensive in terms of CAPEX. The more heat produced – the more difficult it becomes to cool, contributing to OPEX. Cooling can be problematic in itself despite extra costs, as overclocking in air conditioned systems is impossible at most locations. Even if it is possible – air conditioning can seriously damage the ASICs and affect miner longevity and reliability. With machines running 24/7, thermal management is essential if equipment is to remain effective, reliable and long-lasting.

To address performance, thermal management and costs, miners need to adopt liquid immersion cooling for safer, cooler, greener high performance blockchain mining that increases hash rates by up to 60%*.

*figure varies depending on the ASIC miner model, the location of the mining farm and other external factors.